Wild Things DVD Release

Wild Things: Foursome is set for release on 23-06-2010 in Europe, the DVD can currently be pre-ordered from Lovefilm (Only thier Norway and Denmark websites.)

Official Synopsis:
“Hotel legend Ted Wheetley is hard on his arrogant and festive happy son Carson, who believes that his wealthy, womanising father was the cause of his mother’s death. When Ted killed in a speedboat accident police officer Frank Walker gets the task of investigating the matter. The deeper he digs into the matter, the greater his suspicion that it’s about seduction, greed, deception and perhaps even a carefully planned, cold-blooded murder. “Wild Things – Foursome” is the newest addition to the strain in the range of hot and sexy movie Wild Things.”

This Just In: ‘Wild Things 4’ Rated R!

Your sleep has been off lately, hasn’t it? You can’t quite place your finger on it, but you haven’t been getting your full eight and what few hours you do get are plagued by tossing and turning that leaves you feeling like you’ve barely slept at all. Admit it, you’ve been rattled by the thought that Wild Things 4 would be the next victim of the Die Hard 4 curse and end up going the PG-13 route.

What, you didn’t know there was a Wild Things 4? Well you do now and the good news is it just received an R rating. What’s the bad news? Wild Things 4 exists and it’s rated R for “some sexuality/nudity, language and violence.” I mean, come ‘on. “Some sexuality/nudity’? John McNaughton’s original erotic thriller starring Denise Richards, Neve Campbell and Matt Dillion was given a “strong” classification for the same things 12 years ago!

If you’re still trying to cash in on a sexy movie that was a mild sensation over a decade ago by making straight-to-video sequels with the exact same plot, shouldn’t you at least up the ante a bit? From “strong” to “some” is not progress. Three sequels in and the rating should be going from “strong” to “absurd”, no?


Wild Things

From Wikipedia:

In June 2009, Ashley Parker Angel got a lead role “Sam Lombardo” in a new movie which is a re-make of Wild Things by Sony. This is currently being filmed in Bienvenido, Miami for 3 months starting June 28th. His Co-Star is Jillian Murray.

I have checked on Jillian Murray’s Facebook & Twitter and She confirms this. Although Ashleys character isnt stated. Click here to read the Storyline from the Original Movie.