Lyric to appear in American Horror Story: Hotel

Ashley’s son, Lyric will be in this season’s American Horror Story: Hotel airing from October. Playing Lachlan, the son of Will Drake played by Cheyenne Jackson.

This fashion designer from New York arrives at the Cortez with his son Lachlan looking for inspiration. “He comes to the hotel and he is going to turn part of it into his atelier and of course he gets sucked up into the Countess,” says Murphy.



We will update this site with news and updates on Lyric’s role in the show!

We’re Back as .net!!!!

Yes, after a few day offline we are officially back with a new url, instead of .com – please bear with us over the next week as the servers and domain connect!

Just to fill you in, due to legal reasons some hosting services have had to close mainly from being sued from a number of outlets – one being, photographs. APA Daily do not own any of the photographs on this website, we also have decided no to publish any candid photos past or present but right now the Gallery is still alive and full of lots of APA photos!

APADaily may be Changing / Closing! :(

Tonight our hosts informed us and many thousands of other sites that they will be closing taking effect from this coming monday, August 10th. domain name isn’t owned by us, so we don’t own it so as i desperately search for a new home the site may be down for a minute and its more than likely we will have a new name too…. still APADaily though!!!!

Hot Topics takes a “Wicked” turn

SEATTLE – Hot Topics this week features a little bit of magic. Featuring Ashley Parker Angel, former member of O-Town and John Davidson both of whom are starring in Wicked at the Paramount Theatre. Even New Day’s very own Glinda, Suzie Wiley participates in the fun. Featuring everything from Comic-Con to a new beauty trend, lighting your hair on fire, Margaret can expect lots of fun and lots of laughs.

Ashley on KISS FM

Ashley was on KISS FM today during Wicked’s stop in Seattle, WA. For those not in the area or missed it, you can listen back to it below:

As well as a bonus video from KISS FM of Ashley singing O-Town’s All or Nothing in the studio: