Pizza Man – Out Now!

It seems like Pizza Man has finally been released on DVD, although there has been no official promotion or news on the movie for a few years now.

You can now purchase the DVD here for $9.96 – the release will be available on Amazon from July 6th 2014.


Movie synopsis:

Matt Burns is many things – loser, dork, pizza delivery boy – but a hero isn’t one of them. That is, until he is forced to eat a genetically-engineered tomato that was designed to create super soldiers. A routine pizza delivery turns into a fight for his life, when he accidentally stumbles into the middle of a heated corporate takeover that plans on using this science for world domination. Now, equipped with an indestructible body, advanced strength and a pizza parlor mascot costume, Matt must use his new power to fight evil, rescue the girl and save the day as the unlikeliest of super-heroes: “Pizza Man”.

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