REDDING, Calif. –Ashley Parker Angel, a Redding native and nationally known musician, said his life changed forever the night his parents were in a head-on crash.

The California Highway Patrol said they arrested Christian Hall, 23, on suspicion of drunk driving.

Angel now wants to bring attention to the dangers of drunk driving.

“The doctors have said that it is a miracle that my mom and my dad are alive,” he said.

His parents, Paula Angel and Ron Angel, are on the road to recovery from the crash that happened at the end of February on Highway 99 in Dairyville.

He recalled the day his phone rang and he was told his parents had been in the head-on crash.

“I couldn’t process what was happening, we didn’t have a lot of details from the paramedics who arrived first on scene,” he explained. “We knew my mom’s legs had been crushed and that she was trapped in the car. We knew my dad had many broken bones, but that was all we knew.”

Angel took to social media saying he “got the worst phone call that anyone can get about a loved one.”

Nearly a month later, Angel’s parents are still on the road to recovery. His dad was recently released from the hospital, but his mother is still at Enloe Medical Center in Chico.

His mom has gone through at least five surgeries.

“Certainly this next year will be treatments and rehabilitation and we don’t know this is the end of the surgeries yet,” Angel said.

He stated he expects his mom to be in the hospital for several more months.

He explained their family has seen an out pour of support form the community wanting to help his parents, especially his mother, a retired teacher.

“Being a teacher at the [Gateway Unified] School District, being a music teacher for so many years,” he noted.  “My mom is the last person on earth that deserved anything like this.”

Now he hopes to change more lives for the better.

“Somebody gets injured every two minutes from a drunk driving accident and to me that number is staggering, it’s unbelievable to me this occurs as much as it does,” he explained.

“I want to become an advocate for this and raise awareness as much as I possibly can because, because of the fact that it is so preventable,” Angel said.

A GoFundMe account has been created to help with the medical expenses.

Angel mentioned any donations that the family does not use will go towards Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

If you would like to donate click here.