Paula Angel’s Medical Fund

Friends, as many of you know my parents were recently hit head-on by an alleged drunk driver at the combined speed of 120mph. Miraculously, both of them have survived but as you can imagine both my Mom and Dad sustained severe injuries –– Mom’s being far worse. We have learned that the financial burden will be drastic and the recovery will be lengthy.

My parents are the last people to ask for charity. Many of you personally knew my Mom as a student of her’s. Paula Angel was a celebrated music teacher and also taught for many years in the Buckeye School District. She worked hard her entire life and is a beloved member of the Redding community. My Mom’s incredible warmth, generosity and kindness is known to all who have ever met her.

We wanted to post this to friend’s and family: If you have a few extra dollars lying around and would like to help out my Mom and Dad during this extremely difficult time, it would be much appreciated.

Although we’ve been blessed in our lives, when an accident happens like this the costs of treatments, surgeries, and rehabilitation can be endless. Anything that isn’t needed will be forwarded along to organizations who provide support to other victims of drunk driving.

Our goal is to help relieve the stress and fear of our Mom and Dad for the expenses that will come along with the long hospital stay, multiple surgeries, treatments and rehabilitation that Mom is facing.

Thank you for your support

Ashley Parker Angel

Help Paula by donating through Go Fund Me!

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