O-Town singer Ashely Parker Angel reveals he was robbed with his laptop stolen from his car

Ashley Parker Angel was the victim of a robbery over the weekend, after revealing his car was broken into.

The 40-year-old O-Town singer took to Instagram on Tuesday, revealing a new snap and opening up about the robbery.

While some of his personal items were stolen, he made it clear his ‘unstoppable spirit’ can never be stolen.

‘I WAS ROBBED,’ the singer began in his Monday afternoon Instagram post, along with an angry-face emoji.

‘My car was broken into this last weekend. Lots of things were stolen, including my lap top that had years of important memories that were not backed up,’ he continued.

He went on to ask his 242K followers, ‘Have you ever been robbed?? It feels violating on a level that’s hard to describe.’

He also referred to his new career as a lifestyle and fitness coach, adding, ‘As a coach, I recognize this as an opportunity to control my FOCUS.’

‘Today I’m choosing to focus on what I DO have and not what I lost. You can steal my shit but you can’t steal my UNSTOPPABLE SPIRIT,’ he concluded.

The singer – born Ashley Ward Parker – rose to fame as a teenager when he was featured on the ABC series Making The Band, where he was selected to be part of the boy band O-Town.

Their self-titled debut album was released in January 2001 and debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200 album charts, going on to sell more than 3 million albums worldwide.

The group also released 02 in November 2002 before the group disbanded in 2003, with Angel and others forming solo careers.

He released one solo album – 2006’s Soundtrack to Your Life – before venturing into the acting world, appearing in films Amelia’s 25th, The Dog Lover and Tell Me I Love You’ and appearing on Broadway in Hairspray.

Angel announced on Instagram in February that he was venturing into lifestyle and fitness coaching with the High Level Performance Academy.

‘I realized I’ve accomplished everything I dreamed of (and more) in my entertainment career… ‘ he said in his Instagram post.

‘That’s why I launched into my 40th year with a new PURPOSE and CALLING in life to pass down every single thing I’ve learned so YOU can finally look and feel your best using the same techniques taught to celebrities and movie stars for decades,’ he added.


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