O-Town singer Ashely Parker Angel reveals he was robbed with his laptop stolen from his car

Ashley Parker Angel was the victim of a robbery over the weekend, after revealing his car was broken into.

The 40-year-old O-Town singer took to Instagram on Tuesday, revealing a new snap and opening up about the robbery.

While some of his personal items were stolen, he made it clear his ‘unstoppable spirit’ can never be stolen.

‘I WAS ROBBED,’ the singer began in his Monday afternoon Instagram post, along with an angry-face emoji.

‘My car was broken into this last weekend. Lots of things were stolen, including my lap top that had years of important memories that were not backed up,’ he continued.

He went on to ask his 242K followers, ‘Have you ever been robbed?? It feels violating on a level that’s hard to describe.’

He also referred to his new career as a lifestyle and fitness coach, adding, ‘As a coach, I recognize this as an opportunity to control my FOCUS.’

‘Today I’m choosing to focus on what I DO have and not what I lost. You can steal my shit but you can’t steal my UNSTOPPABLE SPIRIT,’ he concluded.

The singer – born Ashley Ward Parker – rose to fame as a teenager when he was featured on the ABC series Making The Band, where he was selected to be part of the boy band O-Town.

Their self-titled debut album was released in January 2001 and debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200 album charts, going on to sell more than 3 million albums worldwide.

The group also released 02 in November 2002 before the group disbanded in 2003, with Angel and others forming solo careers.

He released one solo album – 2006’s Soundtrack to Your Life – before venturing into the acting world, appearing in films Amelia’s 25th, The Dog Lover and Tell Me I Love You’ and appearing on Broadway in Hairspray.

Angel announced on Instagram in February that he was venturing into lifestyle and fitness coaching with the High Level Performance Academy.

‘I realized I’ve accomplished everything I dreamed of (and more) in my entertainment career… ‘ he said in his Instagram post.

‘That’s why I launched into my 40th year with a new PURPOSE and CALLING in life to pass down every single thing I’ve learned so YOU can finally look and feel your best using the same techniques taught to celebrities and movie stars for decades,’ he added.


OneKind Creative Podcast: Ashley Parker Angel

The OneKind Creative Podcast Episode 13: Ashley Parker Angel. From O-Town boyband star, to Reality TV star, to Broadway star in Hairspray and Wicked, to Fitness Influencer, to Founder of High Level, listen as Ashley shares his journey and branding strategies for other aspiring actors, musicians, and all around creatives.

Ashley Parker Angel Reveals The Secret To His Flawless 6-Pack & Instagram Worthy Bod

Seriously, how does he do it? Ashley Parker Angel spoke EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife.com about how important living healthy is, and how his own supplement line, Next Level Focus, has upped his fitness game.

Ashley Parker Angel, 36, stopped by the HollywoodLife.com studio in New York City to chat on our weekly podcast, which you can download and listen to for free right HERE. Not only did we take gorgeous portrait shots of the Wicked on Broadway star, but he brought us a few bottles of his energy supplement, Next Level Focus, to try out. It turns out that the supplement has changed Ashley’s life for the better, and he not only explained the process behind creating it but also shared how it enhances his every day life — including his workouts, which have turned his body into the masterpiece you see on his Instagram. Make sure you listen to Ashley’s full interview on iTunes by clicking the link above, but we’ve got the highlights for you to check out below.

“Well, I’ve always been really into supplements and health and wellness. The passion was there, the last four/five years I feel like I’ve been able to actually stay consistent. Because my lifestyle has always been so sporadic, you know? I come from the music industry where all growing up I toured, I lived out of a suitcase, it was very hard to be healthy,” Ashley explained. “I didn’t always make the right choices and maybe it’s just getting a little more mature — we’ll use the word mature — I find that I just feel better when I make the right, healthy choices in my life.” One of those choices was creating Next Level Focus, which Ashley worked hard to make sure was better than a lot of other supplements out there. “I actually interviewed so many different labs, because a lot of the vitamin companies out there, they put bad things in the vitamins. You read this, you’re like, ‘What’s this titanium dioxide?’ Like that’s terrible for you, and that’s in so many vitamins that you’re supposedly taking,” he explained.

And the best part? Whatever Ashley found at those labs totally worked. As he puts it, “It’s a product that it’s smooth energy, there’s no jitters, there’s no crash, and we’ve been getting amazing feedback. If you just read the reviews on Amazon, people are absolutely loving it. I have everybody in ‘Wicked on Broadway’ taking it now.” Ashley also explained that by focusing on his fitness and taking his supplement, he finds that posting updates on his Instagram provides him with accountability. “Social media is now my accountability partner. And all these people who are following me are my accountability partners,” Ashley shared. “And in a way, like trying this before has never worked when it’s just up to me. Because if it’s just up to me, I like to be lazy kind of. I’m like everyone else, I’d rather just watch Netflix.” Um, same, Ashley.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — What do YOU think about Ashley creating his own supplement and showing off his healthy choices on Instagram? Comment below, let us know!


Local celebrity opens up about parents’ crash

Ashley Parker Angel opens up about the recovery of his parents after a head-on crash. California Highway Patrol says the driver was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Angel now wants to bring attention to the dangers of drunk driving. KRCR News Channel 7

Click here, to see the video!

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Paula Angel’s Medical Fund

Friends, as many of you know my parents were recently hit head-on by an alleged drunk driver at the combined speed of 120mph. Miraculously, both of them have survived but as you can imagine both my Mom and Dad sustained severe injuries –– Mom’s being far worse. We have learned that the financial burden will be drastic and the recovery will be lengthy.

My parents are the last people to ask for charity. Many of you personally knew my Mom as a student of her’s. Paula Angel was a celebrated music teacher and also taught for many years in the Buckeye School District. She worked hard her entire life and is a beloved member of the Redding community. My Mom’s incredible warmth, generosity and kindness is known to all who have ever met her.

We wanted to post this to friend’s and family: If you have a few extra dollars lying around and would like to help out my Mom and Dad during this extremely difficult time, it would be much appreciated.

Although we’ve been blessed in our lives, when an accident happens like this the costs of treatments, surgeries, and rehabilitation can be endless. Anything that isn’t needed will be forwarded along to organizations who provide support to other victims of drunk driving.

Our goal is to help relieve the stress and fear of our Mom and Dad for the expenses that will come along with the long hospital stay, multiple surgeries, treatments and rehabilitation that Mom is facing.

Thank you for your support

Ashley Parker Angel

Help Paula by donating through Go Fund Me!

Paula Angel: Updates

February 26, 2016

The combined impact of both vehicles was like slamming into a wall at 120 mph. Bottom line: this is what drunk driving looks like and not a soul alive deserves to be put through this kind of life-altering trauma due to the irresponsible and disgraceful actions of others. I just want to say how deeply grateful I am to all of you who have kept my Mom in your thoughts and prayers these last critical 48 hours. I can’t even begin to tell you how much strength and faith my entire family has gained from all of your support. My Mom remains in critical condition as Doctors continue to care for her around the clock. Every positive thought, every prayer and kind word is appreciated more than words can even express. To my close friends and family who have reached out: I have received your messages and I’m terribly sorry I have not been able to communicate more. We are praying for my Mom’s survival from this awful tragedy and the next several days will be crucial. Thank you again and I will keep you all posted. Anyone who knows my Mom knows she is a fighter and a survivor, as well as having the most beautiful and loving spirit of anyone on the planet. She did not deserve this. No one does.

Ashley Parker Angel

February 28, 2016

Hi friends, just wanted to give you all an update on my Mom. The good news is that although she remains in ICU, she is improving slightly everyday and every improvement is a blessing. It is nothing short of a miracle she has made it this far. She is not out of the woods yet by any means but we are focused on the positive. Reading through all your messages and I’m honestly shocked how many people have been affected by drunk driving in their own lives and families. Thank you all again for sharing your stories. The statistic is that every 53 minutes someone dies from drunk driving. Unbelievable. This is just the beginning of the conversation for me regarding this. We have to be smarter and do even more to try and stop this epidemic that affects 1 out 3 people in this country.

Ashley Parker Angel