Thank You’s

Thank you to my fans both old and new who never stop supporting me in making this journey a reality. I am grateful to my family for always being there through the ups and downs.

Tiffany, “I´ve never had a baby girl like you´re my baby girl!!” Lyric you are everything to me. I love you both more everyday.

Mom and Scarlet you´re both the best moms anyone could ever want.

Barry Hankerson you´re a visionary and without you this record never would have made it to the sheleves! Vincent Herbert, you were the spark that lit the fire! Jomo Hankerson, you´re the glue that keeps this whole thing together! Heather Hankerson, Vivian Scott Chew, Rommel Rescobar, Katie Gallagher, Eli McCoy and the whole Blackground family, you´re the best record label in the galaxy. Larry Rudolph you´re truly a genius and I´m fortunate to have you as my manager and wingman! Adam Leber thanks for all the hard work keeping this project on track day to day, don´t worry I´ll never call you Douchey (you´ll always be SWEET ASS to me). Katie Herrera you´re the hottest member of ReignDeer Entertainment! Chuck James, we go way back know thanks for sticking with me. Candice Hanson you rock. I would like to thank all of talented producers who collaborated with me on this album. The Matrix: What you brought to this album is undeniable! You made me feel at home in your studios. Thanks for dealing with all the cameras and being so committed to the music. Max Martin & Dr. Luke: I still can´t believe I had the opportunity to work with you! You guys are incredible and I can´t thank you enough for believing in this. Soulpower: I will always remember late nights in the studio playing foosball in between writing and recording! Thanks for helping me get signed as an artist and keeping the refrigerator stocked. A special thanks to Alex Cantrall for being such a bionic, time traveling robotic ninja with powers of invisibility. Rod Aissa, Lois Curren, Brian Graden, Steve Bitchik and the whole MTV posse thanks for giving me such an incredible second chance with THERE AND BACK. My career wouldn´t be where it is today without you! To the best television producers in the business Matt Anderson, Nate Green, Melanie Graham, and the Crew, we really have become like family! A HUGE thanks to Lindsay Schiff-Abrams, Jen Deguzman, and Jim Frankel! Thank you Doug Morris, Mel Lewinter, Sylvia Rhone, Bruce Carbone, Andrew Kronfeld, David Nathan, Pat Monaca, Phylicia Fant, Kim Garner, Jill Capone, Gary Marella, Dave Reynolds, Val Delong, Serena Gallagher and the amazing team at Universal Records for all your hard work. Thank you Susan Blond, Simone Smalls, and everyone of Susan Blond, Inc.

I want to thank Michael Muller for being such amazing visuals to his album. Special thanks to Xandy Barry for being such a great Jedi and songwriting partner. This would not be complete without thanking everyone at radio, all the P.D.´s, M.D.´s and on-air personality´s for spinning the record!

Yet another special thanks to my boys in OTOWN, Dokstar, C.L. and Andy Berkowitz!!


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