‘O-Town’ — Ashley’s Rejection ‘Really Hurt’

The boys of O-Town ain’t one bit happy with ex-member Ashley Parker-Angel — in fact, Erik-Michael Estrada tells TMZ, they were “really hurt” when Ashley officially bailed on the upcoming reunion.

Erik expressed his disappointment in L.A. yesterday — telling us, if Ashley really wanted to rejoin O-Town … he would have figured out a way to “multi-task” the reunion and his acting career.

Erik says he and the rest of the band have all come to terms with Ashley’s rejection — but explains, “I would just think he would want to come on board and be a part of it … but he doesn’t and that’s cool.”

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Source: TMZ.com

Why I Won´t Rejoin O-Town

TMZ.com Post:

Ashley Parker-Angel tells us he was “intrigued” at the idea of reuniting with his old boy-band O-Town — but ultimately decided he couldn’t live in the past … this according to the singer’s rep.

In a statement to TMZ, Ashley explains, “O-Town was one of the greatest chapters of my life, so when the idea of a reunion was brought to me, of course I was intrigued.

He continues, “However I have made the decision not to be a part of an O-Town reunion. It was a difficult decision, but ultimately necessary to move on with the next chapter of my career.

The rest of the band has already gotten back together — and is planning an upcoming concert tour sans Parker-Angel.

As for Ashley, dude just finished a stint in “Hairspray” on Broadway and his rep tells us he has a feature film coming out later this year.

Source: TMZ.com

O-Town Reunion without Ashley!

Hey Guys,

Ashley let us know, that he wont be a part of the reunion.

He tweets this on his Twitteraccount

To address some rumors -I won´t be participating in a reunion but with respect and love I wish my boys the best as they move forward!
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Jacob tweets this one on this Twitteraccount to Ash:

@ParkerAngel gonna miss ya dude. We got some AMAZING things in the works. Good luck
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We are really sad about this information.
But… We wish Ashley all the Best and hope he´ll find his way.


O-Town Reunion!?

Hey Folks out there!

Yes it may be right!

Jacob Underwood and Trevor Penick wrote this on their Facebook page and Jacob wrote this on his Twitter account, too.

Jacobs Tweets so far:
jacobsloc jacob underwood
Did someone say O-town reunion?!?
21 hours ago

jacobsloc jacob underwood
I hope to have some real news soon!
16 hours ago

jacobsloc jacob underwood
The meeting with the O-town guys went very well…..
1 hour ago

jacobsloc jacob underwood
Maybe we just see where majority of our facebook and twitter friends live and we do some shows there???
1 hour ago

jacobsloc jacob underwood
Europe was def mentioned. This might be an interesting year
55 minutes ago


Trevors Facebook posting so far:
“Trevor Penick
Who said O-Town reunion? Uh-oh here we go”

Stay tuned for more information. We´ll share them as soon as we get them!