Pizza Man – Out Now!

It seems like Pizza Man has finally been released on DVD, although there has been no official promotion or news on the movie for a few years now.

You can now purchase the DVD here for $9.96 – the release will be available on Amazon from July 6th 2014.


Movie synopsis:

Matt Burns is many things – loser, dork, pizza delivery boy – but a hero isn’t one of them. That is, until he is forced to eat a genetically-engineered tomato that was designed to create super soldiers. A routine pizza delivery turns into a fight for his life, when he accidentally stumbles into the middle of a heated corporate takeover that plans on using this science for world domination. Now, equipped with an indestructible body, advanced strength and a pizza parlor mascot costume, Matt must use his new power to fight evil, rescue the girl and save the day as the unlikeliest of super-heroes: “Pizza Man”.

Pizza Man Movie: UPDATE

Back in 2010 Ashley shot a Movie called “Pizza Man” featuring Frankie Muniz, Shelley Long, Dallas Page and Stan Lee among others.

We got in touch with the Producer Foz McDermott (Heroes) about the release of Pizza Man and Foz told us: “It’s out of my hands now. Belongs to another company. i think we will see it someday”

Check out the Trailer below: