There & Back

Episode 1: Ashley’s Back

Who can forget the blond, spike-haired Ashley from the platinum-selling group, O-Town? Well, now things have changed. O-Town is over, and Ashley’s back as a solo artist. But Ashley is broke, living with his pregnant girlfriend and her mother in a small apartment. Added to Ashley’s frustration are feelings that his album producers are holding back on his money advance. Ashley’s manager tells him his songs are good but not great. Ashley and former O-Town member, Jacob Underwood, reminisce about their stardom. Later, while going over baby names with Tiffany, Ashley recalls being teased for his own name, and vows that their baby will not have an awkward name. The couple gets good news — the house they want is theirs, but coming up with eight thousand dollars is a challenge. Fortunately, Blackground Records’ President/CEO, Barry Hankerson, takes Ashley under his wing and gives him the money for the house plus a little extra. To celebrate a new future, Ashley sings a special anniversary song to his girlfriend, Tiffany on the beach

Episode 2: Moving Ahead

Things are finally looking up for Ashley and Tiffany. They move out of her mother’s small apartment and into a home of their own, bringing mom with them. With only one month’s rent to their name, however, the struggle is far from over. At a meeting with Soul Power Productions, the producers beg Ashley to continue working with them. But Ashley feels that Soul Power didn’t help him when he needed it most, and he severs all ties with them. Meanwhile, Ashley’s former fellow O-Town member, Jacob Underwood, presents the parents-to-be with a toy chest he has built. This isn’t the only surprise: the parents later go to First Look Sonogram and find out that they are having a boy. Back in the studio, Ashley’s manager Larry hooks him up with top producing team The Matrix. Together, they come up with a tune for Ashley’s unborn son, which also doubles as the There & Back show theme: “Soundtrack To Your Life.”

Episode 3: Bed Rest

Telling Tiffany something that she doesn’t want to hear is hard. And a very pregnant Tiff doesn’t want to hear the doctor’s order to remain in bed. Ashley arrives home to find that Tiffany is on the couch folding laundry, not in bed like she’s supposed to be. As if that weren’t bad enough, she then decides to head outside. Hours later, Tiffany glides in the door as though she did nothing wrong, prompting a big argument with Ashley. Ashley’s level of stress peaks after the father-to-be learns that he has a negative balance in his bank account. Tiffany’s mother, Scarlet, is happy to help, but now Ashley really feels the pressure to be a successful musician.

Life provides inspiration, and Ashley translates his quarrels into a song. It’s about thinking of the person that you argued with after you’ve walked away. The love birds bond when Ashley plays the song titled, “Stay With Me,” for Tiffany.

Episode 4: Birthday Boy

Ashley reunites with former fellow O-Town member Dan Miller, in town for a Boys of Summer show featuring select guys from boy bands. When he finds out the show has been cancelled, he is crushed. It’s a far cry from his days selling out stadiums with O-Town. Meanwhile, although things are coming along for Ashley, money is still tight. So why not have a yard sale? Because the neighbors will think we’re trashy, objects Tiffany. Still, the prospect of making a couple hundred bucks for the baby convinces her to go along with it. Later, Tiffany freaks out again about her pregnancy. This time she claims that the baby isn’t coming out because he doesn’t like her. Ashley blames it on the stressful environment she and her mother Scarlett create, especially when Scarlett yells at people on the highway. Unfortunately, Tiffany has Ashley on speaker phone and she overhears. Which certainly doesn’t help her stress level. Ashley returns from rehearsing in the studio to find that Tiffany has arranged a star-studded surprise birthday party for him. Although Ashley told her that he doesn’t like celebrating his birthday, he appreciates it because it relieves the stress that he’s been facing – if just for the moment. But there’s one unresolved issue to address. Ashley takes Scarlett aside to apologize for talking about the way she handles stress, and she accepts his apology.

Back in the living room, while other former O-Town members, celebrities and friends party, Tiffany announces that she has contractions. The baby is coming soon.

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